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There are situations when you feel lost, desperate and frustrated.

Especially it is difficult when it relates to your child.

It seems that there is nobody who can help. You have tried talking with different specialists but nothing was helpful.

Please do not lose your hope. Try my service.

I am here to help you to become stronger and feel better.

I am a professional counsellor with a medical background (MD in medicine, Internationally Trained) and more than 20 years of clinical experience.

I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist.

However, as a person with medical education and professional training in counseling, I can understand you better from your clinical and mental prospectives.

I will provide you with a professional advice or recommend you a right way of coping with difficult situations.


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I provide counseling in the following fields:

  • Interpersonal and personality issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Parental-child communication issues
  • Teenager and youth communication problems
  • Job-related problems
  • Child care issues
  • Child developmental issues including problems with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Suicidal Prevention counseling
  • Relationship/intimacy problems
  • Loss and Grief Counselling
  • Chronic Illness Counselling


I can help you in understanding your emotional conditions and how to deal with your situation.


Becoming a registered professional counsellor

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Welcome to My Website

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