About me

My name is Alex Kazmin, and I am a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) with a medical education (M.D. with the subspecialty in pediatrics, IMG).

I graduated from St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical Academy (Russia) in 1984 with a Medical Diploma of a physician-pediatrician.

I worked as a physician-pediatrician in Russia (1984-1991), and Israel (1991-2004).

I have always been interested in psychotherapy and I have always been treating my patients with the passion because emotional and mental statutes are very important components of healing.

I have more than 20 years of clinical practice as an independent practitioner in Russia and Israel. During my practice, I have been treating people from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

As a counselor with medical education and experience, I can understand people's mental needs.

In Canada, I have successfully passed MCCEE and MCCQE Part I exams and I was recognized as an M.D., General Practitioner.

I  practiced in the HSC (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario) for three years (2007-2010) as a consultant physician (with an educational license of CPSO) in the MotheRisk program, counseling pregnant women regarding the safety of drugs during pregnancy. These consultations included as well the patients with mental problems. After finishing my fellowship in the HSC I have understood that my experience combined with my professional counseling skills can help people find a solution to many mental problems and situations. I have enhanced my knowledge in psychotherapy by studying professional counseling in Vancouver College of Counsellor Training (VCCT). I have graduated with honor from VCCT with comprehensive Diploma of Professional Counselling in February 2012. I have successfully passed qualifying exams with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and was recognized as an RPC(c) since May 2012. (Reg. # 3320). The full recognition as a Registered Professional Counsellor  (RPC) was granted me on September 2014 after two years of practice under the supervision of a registered psychotherapist.

I am sure that my medical clinical experience, as well as my training in professional counseling, will serve you to find the best solution for your situation.       

If you have emotional, mental issues and concerns please contact me, I will be more than happy to help you.